All products available in bulker bag, one tonne or one cubic metre. 

1/4 Minus



1/4 Minus Gravel will work perfectly as base gravel.  This gravel works superbly because it compacts so smoothly. This option is perfect if you are putting in a porch, patio, pathway, walkway, sidewalk, driveway, gravel road, gravel street, or even a retaining wall.

Blue Metal Agg - 10mm



Blue Metal can be used as the aggregate component in concrete for use in footings, pads, driveways etc.  It can also be used in the bottom of pots or planters to assist with drainage and can also be used as a decorative mulch or for an informal path. It is often used to assist with drainage in soakwells.


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Blue Metal Agg - 20mm



Blue Metal is often used as the aggregate component for most concreting jobs. It can also be used for drainage behind retaining walls, in trenches and over ag lines. It can also be used in the bottom of pots or planters as well as for driveways or decorative pathways.

Roadbase DGB20



Road Base is a mix of small rock, gravel and fines which means that when compacted, it binds together well and creates a strong, stable surface to work on.  Road Base can be used for many of your compacting jobs around the home, such as:  paths, car parks, under slabs, driveways under water tanks, etc.

Sand and Gravel Mix



Premixed Sand and Gravel saves you needing to mix your own sand and gravel, just add Cement. The mix of sand and gravel is also a good compromise for concreting; it is still coarse enough for basic foundations slabs and can be easily troweled for a fine finish.

Washed Sand



Washed sand can be used for plastering, rendering, tiling and grouting. It is also ideal if you are building a sandpit. It's also perfect for rendering, tiling, grouting for tiles and pavers, as well being perfect for the joints in between pavers.

Yellow Mortar Sand



Yellow mortar sand can be used for a variety of purposes from a base for paving, mortar for laying bricks, rendering of walls.  This sand is ideal when trying to create a pale yellow mortar colour.

River Sand



River sand has a wide variety of uses including for bedding pavers, bedding tiles, top dressing, road construction, backfilling and around pipes. River sand also has excellent filtration qualities so it's great for use as fill.

White Mortar Sand



Also known as ‘Brickies Sand’ or ‘Fatty Sand’. Its main use is to create a light coloured mortar for brick & block laying. Can also be used in cement render mixes and also under above ground pool liners.

20mm Enviro Agg



This is a general purpose, free draining material that can be used in many situations as a replacement for 20mm Blue Metal. Enviro-Agg is also lightweight when compared to other drainage aggregates & can therefore be a more cost effective alternative to when used on your projects. Ideal backfill for retaining walls. 


10mm - 40mm Crushed Concrete



10mm - 40mm Crushed Concrete can be used for many and varied jobs around the home or building site including drainage, trenches, gravel pits, behind retaining walls and driveway entrances for building sites.