Tree based products that help control weeds, erosion, retain moisture and create warmth. All products available in bulker bag, one tonne or one cubic metre. 


Eucalyptus Mulch



Eucalyptus mulch small and fine is an attractive soil cover and has a pleasant smell when it is fresh.


Leaf Mulch



Leaf mulch returns nutrients back to the soil and helps to retain moisture. Your lawn and gardens will require less fertilizer and other additives. 

Pine Bark Mulch



Horticultural grade pine bark is made from recycled plantation timber, graded to approximately 15mm. One of the main features of pine bark mulch is that it takes longer to break down so you don't have to apply them as often.



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Red Woodchip



Red woodchip is very  popular with landscape designers.  It creates a dramatic ground cover that has a great visual appeal. It is also slower to break down than most other mulches.


Hardwood Chip Mulch



Made from a mix of recycled and sustainable hardwoods, our Hardwood Chip Mulch is a great balance of appearance and durability. 



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